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    The Power of Delivering The Unexpected

    Valet VIP Management Platform unlocks the full potential of your customer service team to elevate your VIP’s on-property experience.

    In today’s complex business environment, delivering exceptional service is a must for customer retention, driving revenue, and ensuring the longevity of your business. With rising costs leading to higher room rates, your guests’ expectations are higher than ever. Today’s sophisticated travelers are looking for experiences and don’t want to be a number. You appreciate your VIP guests and know the value they bring your business, but how do you show them just how valued they are?

    This segment of customers has the potential to be some of your most valuable customer relationships and can make or break your bottom line. So, as a hotelier, creating top-quality customer experiences for your most influential guests is imperative. With Valet, our new VIP management platform, you will learn about your VIPs, revolutionize your ideology on VIP customer service, and ultimately make more informed decisions for your property.

    Get to know your VIP guests.

    The power of data allows the unique ability for properties to personalize and elevate their approach toward VIP guests. Many elements go into exceptional service, but creating great customer relationships is first and foremost. To form relationships and anticipate your VIP’s needs, you need to know some information about them—information you likely already have but don’t have a great way of utilizing. Enter Valet’s special VIP identifier algorithm that combs through your data and creates customizable profiles for your highest-spending guests, most frequent visitors, and other criteria that you would like considered for VIP selection. VIP identification should be based on value and not simply frequency.

    Once you know who your VIP guests are, you can get to know them by name, flag their arrivals with daily arrival notifications delivered to the front desk, and ensure that they feel welcome from the very moment they walk through the door. In addition, information, such as guests’ visit history and upcoming stays at your property, can inform pertinent conversations and greetings from your staff.

    With Valet’s editable guest profiles, you can enter personal preferences such as preferred pillows, allergies, and lifestyle insights, such as ordering room service and frequenting the fitness center or restaurant. Valet’s straightforward interface and customizable fields allow your staff to collect, save, and organize this vital guest information.

    Take anticipating guests’ needs a step further.

    Once you know about your VIPs, you can prepare accordingly for their arrival. For example, did they request extra towels the last time they visited? Stock their room with a couple extra before they arrive so they don’t have to ask. These details add to a more enjoyable guest experience and higher satisfaction and retention.

    Taking anticipation a step further is possible once you know your guests’ lifestyle preferences. For example, does your VIP frequent the golf course? Offer them a discounted round of golf on their next visit and track it in the Amenities section of the customer profile. Enter perks available to the VIP in the Pending Amenities section and check them as done when provided so they show under Received Amenities. Your VIPs will appreciate you providing them with experiences relevant to their lifestyle and the unexpected moments interacting with staff that showcase the people and spirit of the property.

    Ensure consistency of service from one visit to the next.

    Valet also provides your customer-facing staff with the tools they need to provide excellent and consistent service. For example, with Valet, VIPs can be separated into different loyalty program tiers, each with a corresponding menu of amenities. The loyalty program information is specific to your property and easily accessible in Valet—an essential training tool and resource for your staff.

    So, if a guest is a Level 1 VIP, and Level 1 VIPs receive a complimentary bottle of wine or charcuterie board at check-in, staff can check that info, track, and fulfill that amenity. You can also ensure that VIPs will receive a welcome gift each time they check in, and maybe change it up between the options to add a “surprise and delight” element to your service. Memorable moments like these create great storytelling opportunities for guests post-departure.

    Use VIP data to inform follow-up marketing efforts.

    Your guest data can, of course, be used to elevate your on-site customer service efforts and can also inform and elevate your off-site marketing efforts. Want to send a direct mail postcard or email campaign with a special offer to your VIPs who frequent the spa? Well, now you can. Valet’s unique insights offer more granular list segmentation abilities.

    Valet gives you and your staff the tools they need to get to know your most influential guests, anticipate their needs, go above and beyond to customize their stay to their lifestyle needs, and follow up with specialized marketing efforts. With these efforts, you can gain both satisfied and loyal customers by doing what other properties don’t—delivering the unexpected.