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    Branding, UI Design, and Marketing

    Valet is a web app for hotels to manage VIP guest experiences

    With an easy-to-use design, Valet facilitates flexible and timely engagements between hotel staff and guests without missing a beat. It works behind the scenes and picks up where your VIP guest data leaves off, allowing pertinent guest information to be there when you need it so customers feel welcomed, well-served, and on their way.

    For the naming process, I wanted the final name to denote quick and efficient service at high-end establishments. I settled on Valet because that is precisely what a Valet service does, meet guests’ needs professionally and quickly. The word itself easily rolls off the tongue and is memorable. The logo used an existing brand font, but I added a glow effect for emphasis, which lent itself well to subtle animations in videos and digital ads.

    An introductory marketing campaign followed the launch of Valet and featured custom videos, ad sets, emails, and informational pieces such as a landing page and one sheet. The primary audience for Valet was hotel professionals and hotel management companies on LinkedIn, so the tone of the ads is competent and matter-of-fact to appeal to that group.